Seth Berglee

House District 58




PO Box 340

Joliet MT, 59041




             Over the past few decades I have watched our country stray away from the values and convictions I developed growing up in the production agriculture world of Montana. While attending university in Ohio, I listened to professors speculate about what was needed in Montana and other western states. Their statements showed how little they knew about the culture, people, and environment of the working west. Having had these experiences has given me a unique understanding of the dangers facing Montana, and a better way forward.

I am passionate about creating quality employment opportunities for Montanans. I believe less federal ownership of state lands, reduced government involvement, and fewer regulations for small businesses will get Montana back on track. Maintaining our gun rights, encouraging responsible energy development, and protecting the sanctity of life and marriage will strengthen Montana overall. It is my conviction that decisions about Montana need to be made by Montanans who know and understand the needs of our state. Although many outside groups call themselves conservationists, they do not have the vested interest in or the understanding of the land and environment that we farmers and ranchers do.

            I would like to see Montana encourage the responsible development of our natural resources. We have an untapped abundance of oil, natural gas, coal, timber, and precious metals yet we are near the bottom in mean household income. I would like to see that change. By utilizing the technologies we have we can safely and effectively harness these resources with little to no negative impact on the environment or our communities. The suppressing effect of government regulations and taxes stifles our economy and robs my generation of opportunities to stay in state.

             Strong communities are the first step in building the state, and consequently, our nation. I am running for office because when Montanans like us join together we can move towards a stronger community based on common values and beliefs. I believe my experience and knowledge of our state and country will allow me to effectively confront the ideas hindering and weakening our state. I understand what is at stake and will not be swayed by ideas or interests that would hurt or hinder Montana. I adhere to the constitution as laid out by the founding fathers. That it is to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is my desire to serve to that end in Montana.