Seth Berglee

House District 58

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Seth believes that the purpose of the Government is to protect each individual’s right to defend their Life, Liberty, and Property. This is the basis for any country to maintain the rule of law and liberty. 

Being raised in Montana on a dry-land wheat and cattle ranch, Seth learned the value of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. These lessons have served him well through college, a tour in the Army, and will serve him well as a legislator in Helena.

The way to bring our country back on track is through action. That is why he is running for the office of State Representative. Seth will work to provide common sense representation for Montanans: To be a positive influence in Helena and bring responsiblity, accountablity, and transparentcy back to our government. 

But He can't do this without your support! Please leaving a comment about the issues that are affecting you, volunteer your time, or make an investment in Seth's campaign.   

Checks can be sent to:

Friends of Seth Berglee for HD 58

PO Box 340

Joliet MT 59041 


Thank you for your support! To receive progress updates during the campaign email Seth at with the word progress in the subject line.